Wednesday, July 6, 2011



Well, it's official---we have hundreds of Amherst children signed up, and they're doing lots of summer reading! Miss Sue and Miss Sarah are just loving all the visits we're getting from our school-aged patrons.  It's so nice to have a chance to talk to you all about the books you're reading (and about the summer fun you're having!)
Miss Sarah will be telling stories (and teaching a song or two) from MEXICO this week--so be sure to come in and join us on Thursday morning at 10:00!---Next week, it will be stories and songs from China.
If you're enjoying the day at Baboosic Lake on Thursday, be sure to look for Miss Sue at noontime---she'll be there with stories to tell! She'll also be at the Farmer's Market at 3pm, so if you miss her at the lake, come and hear some stories on the Town Green.
This morning, we had a visit from Mr. Keith of the Peterborough Players, who read some excerpts from the book Stuart Little, and some passages from the play that is based on the book.  Peterborough Players are performing Stuart Little during the month of July.
 Some of the kids in the audience were so inspired by the talk of the theater that they decided to make up a play and perform it right here in the Children's Room! A great time was had by all!

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