Friday, August 16, 2013

Amherst Kids are Amazing Readers!!

Miss Sue and Miss Sarah preparing to eat chocolate-covered crickets!

Yes, it's true! This summer, Miss Sarah and Miss Sue set a goal of 5500 hours of reading by the participants in the Summer Reading Program.  We promised that if the kids managed to get to this goal, we'd eat some Chocolate-covered Ants and Crickets.  I guess these guys really wanted to see us eat bugs, because when all was said and done, our kids had totaled 8,198 hours of reading!!
We did it! Now give us a glass of water!!
Million Dollar Readers

When a child finished their reading log--that's 28 hours of reading---they had their picture taken for our "Million Dollar Readers" wall.  We nearly ran out of room!
We've had so many wonderful programs these last couple of weeks, it's been hard to keep up! Even the very youngest patrons could appreciate the gentle music of Amy Conley, our Teddy Bear Sleepover was a big hit, and of course, The Amazing Bubbleman was...amazing!
Making music with Amy...
"Elizabeth" the bear takes a snooze on a bookshelf...

The amazing Bubbleman traps a young patron in a gigantic bubble!

We've had so much fun this summer!!!