Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Rock-painting at the Library!

Owen and Genevieve are busy making "monsters" with Casey...
We had a great time decorating our rocks today---what a creative bunch of kids! Thanks to the teen book club members for helping out--they definitely had fun, too.
...creating at the "ladybug table"

Jace and Cole at the "flower-power" table...

Genny's ladybug!

Caroline demonstrates her ladybug technique...

...a favorite creation...

Allesandra's creations are just beautiful!

Genny's creative rock collection!

Monday, July 22, 2013

2nd Annual Pet Show!

Even though the weather was so hot and humid, kids and animals alike had a great time!,
Judge Robin learns about guinea pigs from Julia.

Nev and her puppy, Olive.

Jack is extremely knowledgeable about his hermit crab, Hermie

Willow the Boston Terrier, Allana, and Christopher are all enjoying the pet show!

Margot and her kitten, Buttercup!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Mad Scientists Visit!

 "Mad Scientists" Jet-Stream Jocelyn and Jurassic Joe joined us last Wednesday morning--we learned a lot, and we had a blast!

Making a volcano!

The layers of the earth...Mad Science-style!


...soil testing... who will win?

...worms, moles, and prairie dogs---time to dance!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Cave Paintings Discovered at the Amherst Town Library!

 Yes, it's true! Both the ceiling and the walls of the "cave" in the Johnson Meeting Room were found to be covered with drawings....created by the kids who stopped in for a "Cave-in" at the Library.  We gathered here on Wednesday afternoon, saw some slides of real cave paintings, and then got busy decorating our own "cave".  Kids used charcoal made from real willow twigs, pastels, and paint we mixed up from clay that Miss Sarah found in a pile of dirt on her road...  :-) 
We had a blast!

 The artists also decorated the walls of the "main hall"....

Here's a proud cave-artist!

Cave-drawing can make a mess of your hands!