Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Nonfiction!!

Have you ever wanted to know how to become a spy? Well,The Real Spy's Guide To Becoming A Spy by Peter Earnest is downstairs in the children's room, so that you can learn how to be one. You'll learn how to improve your memory, make quick sketches, and how to tell if someone is lying. What else can you find on the shelves? You might want to try one of the many experiments from Usborne's 100 Science Experiments. I think I might try out the foaming monster or maybe I'll create my own paper. Jazzy Jewelry, Pretty Purses and More! by Kathy Ross features all kinds of neat accessories that you can make on your own, such as a pegasus charm that you can put on your backpack or butterfly sneaker clips. The directions are easy to follow and most of the materials you'll find at home. :-) Here's the rest of the nonfiction books that have just come in:

Are You Afraid Yet by Stephen James O'Meara
A Smart Girl's Guide to the Internet by Sharon Cindrich (It's an American Girl advice guide.)
Usborne's 100 Science Experiments
Jazzy Jewelry, Pretty Purses and More! by Kathy Ross
Pizza, Pigs and Poetry by Jack Prelutsky (For the aspiring poet in all of us.)
The Real Spy's Guide To Becoming A Spy by Peter Earnest
Harp Seals by Kathleen Martin-Janes (This book has wonderful photos.)
Michael Phelps by Jeffrey Zuehlke
A Practical Guide to Vampires compiled by Treval Vorgard (I've never heard of an impractical one.)
Emily Post's Table Manners for Kids by Peggy Post (Where does that fork go again?)
How To Draw Fairies and Mermaids by Fiona Watt
DK Eyewitness Ocean by Dr. Miranda MacQuitty

We also have quite a bit of new poetry on our shelves, such as Messing Around on the Monkey Bars by Betsy Franco, Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats by T.S. Eliot, The 20th Century Children's Poetry Treasury, Jack Prelutsky's My Dog May Be A Genius and A Pizza the Size of the Sun.

Please stop by and browse through our new books any time.

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